Those who have sat spellbound at John W. Brooks' vivid stories of faith in the midst of danger and uncertainty will find the same strength and inspiration in reading his book.

Mighty Moments is the essence and message of his life story, in which he refers often to his wife and companion minister, Erna Mae Brooks. Woven throughout this intimate history of Pentecostal Holiness pioneer ministries in South Africa and Nigeria is a theme that reaches into the heart of every reader who has wished for stronger faith and a greater sense of fulfillment. You will feel a quiet power unfolding as you share their times of complete obedience to God and a commitment to excellent service.

Recognized by their denomination and their community as "missionaries extraordinaire", after reaching what many would consider a retirement age, Reverend and Mrs. Brooks sought God all the more earnestly for continued direction for their life. The magnitude of what followed was beyond anything they could have imagined.

Students of missionary studies, African history or those fascinated by people who devote their lives to God's work, will thoroughly enjoy this very personal account of twentieth century missionary life.

You will come away from this story with new weapons against discouragement.