Excerpts from selected chapters...

Part I
Early Life and Education 1899 -- 1924

A Stark Awakening
With My Grandfather
My Personal Commitment
A Chosen Partnership

Part II
Journeys to South Africa 1924 --1947

Two Become One
Getting to Know the Challenge
Ministries with the Gold Miners
Danger in the Path

An Accident – A Healing
A New Mission Station
A Different School
From African Tribal Customs to Christianity
A Special Convert
We Find More Friends
Our Journey Home
Pastoring My Hometown Church
A Unique Missionary
Natal District

Part III
Ministry at Home and Canada 1947 – 1955

"Santa Claus Train" Becomes "Harvest"
Inspiration in the Maiden Forest
The Canadian People – Their Commitment
North Carolina Farm Country
Nigeria Becomes Our New Goal
Businessmen Divinely Appointed
Farewell – 1955

Part IV

Breaking Ground
Together Again
A Blessing Multiplied
Not According to Custom
West African Bible College
A Royal Gift

Part V
In Retrospect

Angel at Every Port
Extraordinary Laymen
Living a Life of Faith